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MG Master V3 +

Better Way To Health

Who Are We

We are the leading supplier and exporter of master V3 bed in India. We are specialist in high quality thermal massage bed. This is a Indo Korea joint vencher. We also make customised Master V3 bed with Korean technology. Our organization certified by international standered ISO9001:2015.


We are the leading manufacturer in electronic health care equipment, like thermal masseger apparatus, MG Master V3 bed plus etc. We also make customised massage bed for our customer.


We are in the trading of Master V3 bed throwgh verious franchise center, dealer in India with huge merket share. Good quality and international standared products with reasonable price is our goal.


We also engage in serviceing Medigem, Ceragem, Nuga Best and other company products. Our professionals have maintained a trust worthy relationship with our valuable clients.


We are engaged in exporting master V3 massage bed for several year succesfully. We maintain International standared quality with advanced technology support.

Our Products

MG Master V3 +

Smart innovative automatic thermal massage therapy bed, with Korean technology. 7 in 1 natural therapy, 12 massage program. Original Korean Jade stone.


It is an ergonomically curved designed, massage therapy bed with Korean technology and Jade stone. It's leg side 3 ball projector for special point therapy.

MG Compact

Original Korean Jade stone 9 balls and 3 balls projector for thermal acupressure device in compact automatic mode. Easy to use. Easy to move.

MG Cera Mat

Big size tourmaline and Jade stone with natural far infrared rays heating mat which keeps our self-healthy and energies all days. Easy to carry and maintain.

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Address: Medigem, Madhyamgram,
Kolkata - 700129, India

Phone: +91-7003821400

WhatsApp: +91-7003821400





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